living my deliberate life.

21 02 2010

where, and how do i start?

suddenly, the travel bug is back. the urge to roam, to explore, to revisit the wonderful times and memories i had the past 2 years is back. reading these two articles while i was buried in my work (well not really.. :P) made me quite pleased at the steps i have taken in my life so far.

afterall, i need reaffirmations. in a world where the society and ur traditional family see $alary, position, the size of ur firm, the kind of welfare u get at work as a gauge of ur success, it’s easy to succumb to the conventional. much of it is also me, myself. im more conventional than i care to admit, and i often have to tear myself away from the goalposts im taught while growing up, and remind myself constantly (as with this post) what i want to achieve in this lifetime. god noes how many posts i have dedicated to this topic already.

i am huiyi, i am an experience junkie, and i am proud of it.

the article on being an experience junkie is a topic very close to my heart. it is only in the recent years that it dawned on me how different i am from my peers.

let me count the ways: iphone, ipod, mac, longchamp, coach, agnes b., blackberry, wii, psp, dslite, netbook, LV, chanel, kate spade etc etc. you name it, i dont have it. i dont even own a pair of levis (not by choice though, more cos it doesnt look nice on me). my most prized possessions are prolly my photos.

material things mean so much lesser to me than so many other people. i am by no means living a simple life, but i am proud to say that i am quite a non-buyer. in fact, i hate clutter, waste and useless things. i want good things, cheap things, things that last and have multiple uses. i have long realised that the high i get from any purchase of material goods last at max til the first time i use it. thereafter, the value of it depreciates drastically.

the high i get from my trips mean so much more to me than any other possessions  i’ve bought. i think nothing of shelling out a couple of thousands for a trip, but ask me for some hundred or so for a bag, shoes etc and i will think you are crazy.

sometimes i amaze myself by how often i wear the same old clothes over and over again, and not really minding it, or my apathy towards the latest trends. i am bordering on being terribly uncool.

like lq says, most people will aspire to be an experience junkie, and may be shy to admit they are a stuff junkie. ah wells, whatever floats ur boat, u cant help what you like. its more impt that you are true to yourself than pretend to be otherwise.

now that i know what i want and who i am, i do not have to waste needless money attaining material stuff just for the sake of it. in the same vein, everybody else should just do what they fancy, instead of doing otherwise because of peer pressure.

that said, i wish i have more like-minded friends. i still need to learn that not everybody thinks like me.


on a related note,  i have an issue on “mindless spending”. we often spend on things just cos it tickles our fancy, cos we had a hard week at work, cos we need to buy something for the occasion, cos we can afford it and..just because (insert reason).

ever so often, i feel really irritated with myself for spending needless money on stupid stuff which i dont end up using/ enjoying. i think, i wasted so much on this expensive meal/bag/clothes, when it could have gone to a better cause. how can i?!?! how can i justify a $40 meal when a $10 one will do as well?! im sooooo guilty of this.

hence, when i read this article recently, it resonated with me:

so many of us can do with so much lesser, but we do not. why? im still figuring out the answer myself, but just give it a thought. and it’s not only money, but everything else. money, time, blood, effort, some love, some extra stuff u have, everything! im all for “giving” to make my life better, i know that “giving” is much better than “receiving”, so why am i not practising it?

i know. cos nobody does it, cos it’s out of whack, cos we all like to follow conventions. nobody does it, so why me? it is easier to be blind to your environments than to make any sort of effort.

i am idealistic, and yet i cannot do what i preach.




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